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Why Sunfleck?

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Why Sunfleck?

Sunflecks are small, unpredictable bursts of sunlight that reach through the dense canopy to dance briefly on the floor of a rain forest. Understory plants, which are otherwise overshadowed by the taller canopy foliage, are able to collect and store enough solar radiation from these small events to live and grow and even thrive. I have always found this ecological tidbit to be poetic and inspiring - even in our darkest periods, we can store up positive energy from the small bright spots in our lives to keep us going.

For me, animals have always been sunflecks. Even in times when I have been struggling through serious personal or professional setbacks, photographs and interactions with wildlife have brought a smile to my face. Drawing has lately become my creative outlet of choice, and naturally wild animals are my muse. I hope that these whimsical creations are a small bright spot in the lives of others who see them.

All proceeds from sales on this site will benefit wildlife organizations close to my heart: Appalachian Wild, the Duke Lemur Center, and the Western North Carolina Nature Center.